Huawei How to unlock a Huawei Y220 for freeIf you are a regular follower of all our articles, you will have seen ...

Huawei How to unlock a Huawei Y220 for freeIf you are a regular follower of all our articles, you will have seen …

If you are a regular follower of all our articles, you will have seen that we usually review many of the main tutorials for Android mobile device users, and many of them have to do directly with terminals that are among the best sellers of the main companies. On this special occasion, we did not want to stop highlighting everything that is related to a team like the Huawei Y220. Specifically, how to unlock a Huawei Y220 in the simplest possible way.

The truth is that once you have the Huawei Y220 released, you will have the possibility of using your mobile device with any company that you like, even if it is not the original one. At the same time, you have to bear in mind that you only need to download a series of softwares to access these windows. The first, specifically, is enter this link, where you will find a series of files to unlock the Huawei Y220 or the Huawei Y221, a pack whose contents you have to install in the microSD memory of your mobile, not in its internal memory.

Once the previous content has been downloaded, you will find yourself on your mobile with several files that are absolutely essential in this type of situation. Among them we can mention some such as the following: Mobile Uncle Tools APK, KingRoot APK, Root Browser APK and Root Explorer. If your mobile is not rooted, you have to root it following the initial instructions of KingRoot, or look for the step by step in this link, where we have already taught how to do it easily.

Unlocking Huawei Y220 mobile

Well, once you have rooted your device in question, the Huawei Y220, you have to install and run the Mobile Uncle Tools program, giving it all the root permissions that it asks for. Then we have to give “Restore / Copy IMEI (MTK)” and then Copy IMEI to SDcard2 (MTK), to copy the IMEI to the MicroSD memory. In case you have noticed that there is a problem or if you want to reset the IMEI, you have to click on the option “Reset SDCard2 IMEI”.

Once the previous step is finished, the next one has to do with installing the “Root Explorer” application like any other APK. When you have installed it, you must run it and press on the root of the computer. Then you must give to “Mount as r / o” select “Mount R / O”. Then you must move to the Data folder and within it select the folder nvram and then click on “Delete”. Once the above is finished, you restart your mobile. Later you must reopen Root Explorer and locate the Data folder and verify the nvram folder that should have been created again.

At this point, we have to select “Storage” in Root Explorer and locate the folder where the files were downloaded. Then we need to copy the nvam folder and paste it into the Data folder to replace the old one. The next thing will be to restart the device again. What we have to do in that case is to restart the device, and add a SIM from some other telephone company. When we start it again, we will see that our Huawei Y220 has been released to use it with any operator.

Have you been able to unlock your Huawei Y220 with this step by step?