Hacer captura de pantalla en Huawei y360

Huawei Capture a screen on Huawei y360 In this tutorial we are going to explain how to capture …

Although it is true that when we think about the Android mobile device companies that sell the most, most users will go directly with Samsung ahead of the others, we cannot fail to highlight the statistics that this year indicate that Huawei practically reaches it in units sold. Indeed, the Chinese firm has not stopped growing in recent times, and at this point we find a tutorial about one of its best terminals, specifically the Huawei Y210.

The first thing we have to highlight in this sense is that when we talk about the Huawei Y210, we are going to try to teach you a tutorial that we have already explained previously about many other mobile devices, but which is modified according to which one we have in hand. . The idea is to show you how to take a screenshot on the Huawei y210-0251, also known as Huawei Y210, so you just have to follow the instructions that we are going to show you, and you will have all the details about it.

First of all, if so far you have not been able to take the classic screenshots or screenshots on your Huawei Y210, you have to know that luckily, there is a simple, fast and effective method to take screenshots on Huawei Y210, and today we are going to show you all its details. Unlike what happens with other mobiles, you have to know that, yes, the Huawei Y210 does not have a native application for screenshots, so you will have to perform the procedure basically manually.

Screenshot on the Huawei Y210

We are then talking about the first method by which we can take a screenshot on the Huawei Y210, which is through an application specially designed for it. It is called Easy Screenshot, and you can download it officially from this link without problems. Any Huawei Y210 allows the installation of this application, which is otherwise very easy to use, so all you have to do is take advantage of its screenshot trigger, which you can manage to run in the way you consider most comfortable.

That is, you can take your screenshots on the Huawei Y210 by holding down the Power and Volume buttons – for a couple of seconds; pressing the Power and Home Buttons for a couple of seconds; by clicking on the application overlay icon, clicking on the application notification icon, or setting the widget of this app, which you can manage on the home screen of your device, to use at the time you consider appropriate.

On the other hand, you should know that there is a second method that we can take into account in these cases. It is a fairly similar one, since it actually depends on another application similar to the previous one, in this case one called Easy screen capture, which you can find at this link. About how it works, there is not much to add, since it is really similar to the previous one. All you have to do is configure the captures using the physical buttons of the device, or through the screen.

Then, this application, like any other in the segment, will allow you to access the basic functions that we can find in these cases, such as creating a folder to store all the screenshots we have taken, or making a preview of the captures to delete them before saving them if we didn’t like them. With these two applications, in any case, you can take your screenshots on a Huawei Y210 without problems, so you only have to install one of them in your terminal.

Have you been able to take screenshots on your Huawei Y210 with this step by step?

Take screenshot on Huawei y360

In this tutorial we are going to explain how take screenshot on Huawei y360 so that when the need to take a screenshot arises, you will know more than one method of carrying it out.

Screenshots are common in our day to day life and we have all experienced some situation in which it has been necessary for us to take a photo of what appears on the screen of our mobile.

Although many latest-generation mobiles already incorporate a gesture control system that allows screenshots to be made easier and faster, all mobiles still have a screen capture system that we can call traditional and that consists of press a certain combination of buttons at the same time which usually varies depending on the mobile in question.

Take screenshot on Huawei y360

Steps to take screenshot on Huawei y360

Taking a screenshot on Huawei y360 is really simple, all we have to do is press the volume down buttons and the power button at the same time. After holding them down for one or two seconds, we will hear the sound of the camera or the phone will vibrate to indicate that it has already taken the screenshot. The snapshot is saved in the Gallery.

In addition to the traditional method, there are Applications that can be very useful when it comes to take screenshots. In the Google Play Store We can find a good number of applications of this type and the vast majority of them are free.