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How To Handle The Risk Of Dark Data Compliance On Your …

Lisa Hawke (@ldhawke) is VP of Security and Compliance at Everlaw, and Vice President of Women in Security and Privacy.

Slack and others Consumer-grade productivity tools have been taking off in workplaces large and small, and data governance has not caught up.

Whether it’s litigation, compliance with regulations like GDPR, or concerns about data breaches, legal teams need to take into account new types of employee communication. And that’s difficult when you’re working on the latest messaging apps and SaaS products, which makes data accessibility and searchability more complex.

Here’s a quick look at the problem, followed by our suggestions for best practices in your business.

The increasing frequency of reported data breaches and the expanding jurisdiction of new privacy laws are sparking conversations about dark data and risks in companies of all sizes, even small businesses. Discussions of data risk necessarily include the risk of a data breach, as well as the preservation of data. Just two weeks ago Jared Kushner was reported to have used WhatsApp for official communications and screenshots of those messages for preservation, which commenters say complies with registration laws but raises questions about potential admissibility as evidence.