Erica Flores

Hertz plans slightly faster rentals using facial recognition and …

Hertz announced Tuesday that it will rely on facial recognition and fingerprint verification technology to speed up the rental process at airports. The rental car giant struck a deal with airport biometric security company Clear to provide the technology.

The two companies have already launched this new offering, called “Hertz Fast Lane Powered by Clear”, at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It will only be available to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members, and these tenants will need to enroll in Clear separately. Hertz will not charge more for the fast lane, but tenants will still have to pay for Clear if they want to use the service for faster access in airport security.

Only for Hertz Gold Plus members, and at dozens more airports in 2019

Hertz and Clear plan to expand the biometric fast lane to more than 40 locations in 2019, including Los Angeles International Airport, New York John F. Kennedy International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport.

Clear’s biometric controls will allow renters to take off their cars in just “30 seconds or less, a time savings of at least 75 percent,” according to Hertz. That means we are not talking about a huge amount of time savings. Because of that math, the current process takes two minutes.

Still, biometric security is spreading like wildfire in airports around the world. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a roadmap in October to implement biometric security measures for domestic flights, expanding on a previous project for international flights that was accelerated by the Trump administration in 2017. Before that, airlines like Delta and British Airways were experimenting with the use of biometric technology to speed things up like boarding and bag launching.