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Here’s how to enable dark mode on Twitter …

In recent years, various applications included Twitter, Telegram and Youtube They have released a dark mode on their platform that is basically a new color scheme with light text on a dark background. Dark mode has benefits like saving battery life and has less strain on your eyes when viewing in the dark as well.

While WhatsApp users remain looking forward to the modeTwitter is taking a step forward and has made adjustments to its Dark mode. To recall, the social media platform introduced dark mode for iOS and Android in 2016. While some users did not like the ‘blue tint’ of the dark theme, Twitter now released a darker version of the existing dark mode called “Turn off lights”. “

The update brings an OLED compatible dark mode, however it is currently available only on the iOS platform.

In particular, the new Lights Out feature can be used in “conjunction” with the current dark mode. The feature allows the user to change the level of darkness. Twitter has also added an Automatic Dark Mode feature in iOS that will turn on Dark Mode automatically based on the time zone you are in.

How to enable Lights out on Twitter for iOS

To use the new Lights Out feature, you’ll need to open the app on your iOS device and head to the Settings & Privacy> Display & Sound menu. Once open, tap the toggle button next to dark mode to enable it.

The toggle button will give you two options: “Dim” and “Off”.

When the ‘Lights Out’ option is checked, it removes blue tones and turns black. As for the ‘Dim’ mode, it is basically the dark regular mode in a blue / gray color theme.

How to enable dark mode for Facebook Messenger

Notably, Dark mode for Facebook Messenger It came out a few days ago, although it is still said to be in beta mode.

To enable dark mode in Messenger, you just need to send someone a crescent moon emoji through Messenger.

After this, a message will appear to enable Dark mode.

Unlike Twitter’s new Lights Out feature, Dark Mode in Messenger works on both iOS and Android, as long as the app is updated to its latest version.

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