Hello World!

Hello World!

First of all, and like any geek, I couldn’t pass up this famous phrase that everyone writes when they make their first computer program.

Now yes, welcome to ungeekencolombia, a personal blog about my adventures in this beautiful country, my quirks, technological and cultural curiosities. To introduce myself, my name is Manuel, I am a systems engineer based in the city of Cali in Colombia and passionate about the world of the Internet.

For many years I have spent visiting different blogs and forums on various topics, such as technology, culture, travel, etc. and I had always been passionate about the world of blogs, so I decided to enter and I hope you like it and share your opinion.

What the heck is a geek?

Yes, this should have been the first question to answer, so here I leave you courtesy of wikipedia a somewhat formal or stuffy definition of what it means to be tech crazy.

Geek (from geek English, pronounced “guik”: IPA / gi: k /) is a term used to refer to the person fascinated by the technology and the computing.1 2 3 The term “geek” in Spanish it is related only to technology, unlike the use of the term geek in English.

Why a geek in Colombia?

And why not? Well the truth the idea was born, because among many blogs and pages that I read daily, it is precisely “a geek in japan“Possibly some of you already know it, others maybe not and if you don’t know it, I invite you to stop by. It’s great and it has inspired me to take a similar theme but focused on my country (don’t worry, I’m not copying it, I have written a couple of emails with the blog’s author and he has agreed that I do it). So I have decided to chronicle my adventures, learnings and curiosities, from a Colombian perspective and show the world the geek side of this beautiful country.

This blog is for you?

Well I hope if you like travel, technology, curiosities and the like, then yes. There is no single topic here, the idea is to build content together and I say among all, because I will be very close to you, I will immediately answer all your questions and suggestions, you will find in me a blogger who cares about what that your readers want, so without further ado welcome back.

Can you send me an email?

Of course, send your questions, suggestions, comments, or whatever comes to mind to [email protected]