Hard Reset Tutorials How to Reset a Tablet Without Using the Volume Buttons Although it is true that lately we have been teaching a good amount ...

Hard Reset Tutorials How to Reset a Tablet Without Using the Volume Buttons Although it is true that lately we have been teaching a good amount …

Although it is true that lately we have been teaching a good number of tutorials that tend directly to solve the doubts that users may have regarding the Hard Reset process of different mobiles, it is no less true that others face similar inconveniences on their tablets. The truth is that in recent days, a reader has asked us how to factory reset a tablet without being able to use the volume buttonsWhich of course adds a point of difficulty to these tutorials.

In effect, what happens is that although we can normally use the physical buttons of our tablet, it can also happen that with the use and the passage of time, we find the need to carry out some processes regardless of them. The first thing you have to keep in mind in this type of situation is that we always recommend making a backup of all the contents, avoiding situations of loss of information that can cause us inconvenience.

If you are then one of the many users who have been searching the web for the happy tutorial to make a Hard Reset Tablet without volume buttons on a tablet, you have to know that in this article we are going to provide you with a good part of the information that you should have in counts in these cases. Whether you’ve forgotten your unlock pattern or just want your tablet to work like the first day, a hard reset should be more than enough, and then we will show you how to proceed.

Hard Reset tablet without buttons

The idea of ​​this article then has to do specifically with learning to format a tablet, without having to enter the famous Recovery mode or use the volume keys, something that although many users consider impossible, we have to emphasize that it is completely probable. In this sense, you have to keep in mind about it, that you must read until the end of the article to get all the information about it. Of course, before starting, you have to turn off your tablet as soon as possible.

When you’ve done that, the next step has to do with verifying the Reset button. This is a button that is normally located on tablets near the audio input and the MicroUSB. Anyway, your particular model may be elsewhere, so check its instruction manual just in case. Once you have identified this button, what you have to do is hold it down with a stylus in conjunction with the power button to start Recovery Mode,

Once you are in Recovery Mode, you have to hold down the Power button and press the Reset button again up to three times. Then you must move to the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and confirm with the Power button. While moving in the same way, you have to select the option Yes – Delete all user data and again, confirm with Power. The next thing is to wait a few minutes, until the factory reset that we have executed finishes.

When you have finished, you have to press on the Reboot System Now option to restart the device, and you should consider that this step by step that we have just shown you works without any problem on the tablets of the main manufacturers around the world, among which we can Mention Samsung, LG, Sony, Haier, Tmovie, Vios, Acer, Smartbitt, Aoc, Master G, Onda and several others. In any case, and as we always say, any questions you have you should only consult us right here.

Have you been able to reset your tablet without using the volume buttons?