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Hacker who cracked DVD code now releases iTunes songs

It is a tool that has been co-founded by the well-known DVD Jon (Jon Lech Johansen), a popular hacker who was able to decipher DVD protections, now he has managed to free music purchased from the iTunes Store. The other architect of this service is Monique Farantzos.

A report published in Reuters indicates that DoubleTwist greatly simplifies things for users to use their sound files, photos and videos on different computers, phones and all kinds of devices.

Users can drag and drop files with copy protection to other devices using this system. The software converts files between formats and is capable of removing Apple-imposed software protection.

The service only allows you to convert songs that users have legally purchased and only allows friends to listen to the converted tracks, the report indicates. As Reuters indicates, the company that is on the border between copy protection technologies and that it is a clean way that does not encourage file sharing. The company said Apple is not aware of what this means, but hopes that no legal action will occur.

At the moment the application is not available for Mac (only for Windows), but its official website indicates that it is working on the Mac version, as well as another for the iPhone.