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Graphic Converter 6

New features included in Graphic Converter 6 include save for the web, layer handling, limited Google Earth integration, rule handling, and support for Microsoft’s HD Photo Image format.

According to the developer, in this version they have set their sights on the future and this version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, at least with the latest version available at the moment.

It has a new polygonal selection tool and the ability to put GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates from Google Earth (leading to the position from which the photograph was taken), also new in this version. It has the ability to paste into alpha channels, import of RAW images, and an extensive list of enhancements that are available from the developer’s website.

LemkeSoft has been faster than Apple and has introduced the Catalan localization of this product. Users in Catalonia have been pushing Apple to introduce local language support in Mac OS X for a long time, but LemkeSoft has done it faster. GraphicConverter 6 is priced at $ 30 and a demo version of the application can be obtained from the developer’s website.