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Google’s internal payment audit showed that …

In recent years, Google has been at the center of the controversy over gender equality in its workplace. In 2017, a group of women sued the tech giant who filed a lawsuit against Google accusing him of discriminating against female employees for paying them less. But in striking contrast, the latest Google study found that men were being paid less than women working in similar roles in 2018.

The study that was carried out to determine whether the company paid less to women and members of minority groups than to men found that the case was different. Google, in its own internal payments audit, observed that Level 4 Software Engineers who identified as men received less money than women in that same role.

In response to the study, Google compensated 10,677 employees with an additional $ 9.7 million to make up for underpaid wages, the company wrote in its report. blog post. However, Google did not clearly mention what percentage of employees who received salary adjustments were men.

The company in 2017 increased compensation for 228 employees it found underpaid and spent a total of approximately $ 2.70,000 to narrow the pay gap.

Google cited its “new hire analysis” as one of the important reasons the company had to make further adjustments. The new hire analysis that looked for salary discrepancies in offers to new hires accounted for 49 percent of the total spent on salary adjustment.

In its 2018 analysis, Google found that in a group of lower-level software engineers, men “received less discretionary funding than women.”

“Our pay equity analysis ensures that compensation is fair to employees in the same job, at the same level, location, and performance. But we know that’s only part of the story. Due to leveling, performance ratings, and the impact of promotion, this year, we are conducting a comprehensive review of these processes to ensure that the results are fair and equitable for all employees, “is Google’s Principal Analyst on pay equity and analysis of people mentioned in the blog post.

Additionally, the lead analyst describing the methodology explained that Google performs statistical analysis to “look for unexplained differences in total compensation (salary, bonus and equity) between demographic groups.” The analysis included 91 percent of Google employees and examined each job group with a minimum of 30 employees and at least five by demographic.

While Google is reportedly trying to address the problem of inappropriate salary ratings, critics say reports She noted that, first, it does not compare to what an employee would do if she were assigned the “appropriate pay rating.”

As mentioned above, Google has faced multiple gender salaries accusations in recent years. In 2017, the company clashed with the Labor Department over “wage gap data” and is still fighting a wage discrimination class action lawsuit over wages.

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