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Google reveals it has flagged over a million apps …

Google, Play Store, Google Play Store, Google Blocks Apps, Google App Security Improvement Program, App Security Improvement Program Play Store Application Security Improvement Program Google has said that the program covers a wide range of security concerns.

The company revealed in a security blog that Google highlighted security issues in more than a million applications, prior to their pre-release, and helped more than 300,000 developers fix security vulnerabilities with their applications. This is part of Google’s security measure called “Application Security Improvement Program” for applications that are submitted to your Play Store for approval. This program helps the company to flag applications that have security problems and do not allow them to appear in the Play Store.

To recall, the “Application Security Improvement Program” was launched more than five years ago. Under this, an app when submitted for approval goes through various tests before being published to the store. If an application fails the test, Google provides developers with a detailed diagnosis and the necessary steps to bring it to a healthy form.

The company has confirmed in a blog post that under this initiative, it has flagged more than a million apps for security reasons, which is not a small number. He also stated that in 2018 alone, Google’s program was able to help more than 30,000 application developers repair more than 75,000 applications.

Google has said that the program covers a wide range of security concerns. These include vulnerabilities in specific libraries, improper validation of TLS / SSL certificates, SQL injection, file-based cross-site scripting, cross-application scripting, leaked third-party credentials, schema hijacking, and JavaScript interface injection. The initiative will continue to evolve as new threats emerge.

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This is not a perfect solution as some harmful apps slip through the process so it is recommended to be a little vigilant and download apps only from trusted developers.

In February, Google revealed that under its Play Protect program, it scans more than 50 billion apps daily to find potentially harmful apps. It also stated that app rejections were up 55% last year, while app suspensions were up 66%.