Erica Flores

Google reportedly pulls Android license from Huawei

Following the US crackdown on Chinese tech companies, Reuters reports that Google has cut Huawei’s Android license, which would deal a major blow to the embattled phone maker. Reuters you are reporting the news from a single anonymous source; The edge It solicited comments from Google and Huawei on the suspension, but received no response from either company at the time of publication.

If he Reuters The report is accurate, Huawei could be restricted to using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which would remove the company from critical Google apps that consumers outside of China expect on Android devices. Reuters says Google is still debating the details of how this sanction would work, but that Huawei would “immediately lose access to [Android] updates “, and that future smartphones would lose access to the Google Play Store and applications like Gmail.

Huawei has come under increasing pressure from President Trump and the US government over fears that the Chinese government may use its equipment to spy on US networks. These fears have been under construction for a long time; In 2018, US intelligence agencies warned against the use of Huawei and ZTE devices, and US politicians have described Huawei as “effectively an arm of the Chinese government.”

Huawei maintains that it is not possible for the Chinese government to poison its backdoor equipment, and has remained optimistic about the future of its business. However, this latest Google setback could pose a serious risk to the future of Huawei’s core mobile business. The company was already preparing its own operating systems in the event that it was banned from using Android and Windows, but given the United States’ fears of foreign interference, a proprietary operating system is likely to face scrutiny yet. greater than Google software.