Erica Flores

Google releases and transfers to DuckDuckGo

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has acquired from Google, reports NamePros. Responding to rumors from a few days ago, CEO Gabriel Weinberg said the new domain would make it easier for people to use the company’s search engine. The domain was previously owned by Google, after it acquired On2 Technologies (previously known as The Duck Corporation) in 2010. Neither Weinberg nor Google confirmed how much was paid for the domain.

Google’s ownership of was previously a source of frustration for DuckDuckGo, when it would redirect users to Google’s rival home page instead of DuckDuckGo. Google kindly tried to clear up this confusion in July by adding a DuckDuckGo link to the Visit page now redirects users directly to DuckDuckGo. was just one of thousands of sites owned by Google, which has several hundred to several thousand individual domains in its possession. These range from common Google misspellings like,, or, to product names like and, to valuable unused domains with short names like or Like. com.