Google Play How to change country in Google Play As many know, Google Play is the official application store ...

Google Play How to change country in Google Play As many know, Google Play is the official application store …

As many know, Google play is the official app store for devices Android, in it it is possible to find a great diversity of applications for any purpose, be it games, multimedia players, editors, etc. However, there are certain restrictions for some countries where some applications will not be available, which can be easily solved by change country in Google Play.

How can I access an application that is restricted in my country?

This is very easy to do, all you have to do is change country in Google Play and you can have access to an application that is not available in your country but in another. In this way, you can download it without the need to travel or something like that.

But you must take something into consideration, and that is, if it is a paid application, you must pay the amount according to the local currency of the country you have selected.

Steps to change country on Google Play

If you want to change country in the app store of Android It is something very simple to do, let’s see how to achieve it:

1.- First you must enter the Google payments profile.

2.- Then, you must click on Setting.

3.- Now you must search in Country and choose the country you want.

4.- Finally, you must enter a valid address.

Problems when we change country

You must bear in mind that, the Google Play balance is not international so that when changing country it will be blocked. But don’t worry, this will not be lost, it will simply not be available until you change country again.

It is likely that having a balance from another place in Google play you may receive a message that says “You cannot change the country because you have set up a Google Play balance”. This cannot be removed in the payment methods, but having less than 10 dollars in the account you can block the payment method.

On the other hand, if access to another country is prohibited due to your location, then you should solve this with the help of a VPN, you can find many VPN applications that will surely be available in your country through Google play. For example, in this link you have a guide that can help you to configure a VPN.

What to do if my account does not work when entering Google Play?

Don’t worry, this shouldn’t be as bad as it sounds, maybe there is a problem with some data from Google Play. This you can solve by download Google Play Store again with the help of this guide, but if this doesn’t help then try this other Guide to fix Google Play Store errors.