Maria Montero

Google launches the message function on its maps to chat …

Google is launching a new feature for its Maps which is called as messages. However, it is not what you are thinking. You can’t use it to message your friends or family, and Maps won’t turn into a platform like Instagram or Snapchat. Instead, this message option will be used to communicate with businesses on WhatsApp.

According to BGR report, Only businesses that have registered on Google Maps can contact. This is reportedly being done to increase engagement between users and listed companies, with the ultimate goal of increasing the reach of these companies using the Maps platform.

Reddit user Sanju2cool posted a photo on the platform showing the feature on Google Maps, which could be due to the fact that Google likes to test features like these with some users first. Messages can be useful to get information about a place that you cannot find on the web. It is not yet known at this time if the feature will ever expand to include chat features with your Google contacts.

In more related news, last month, Google introduced a new feature in Maps, where Delhi passengers will be able to view automatic rickshaws in “public transport” mode on Maps.

By selecting the mode, passengers will be able to see suggested routes for the trip as well as estimated rickshaw fares, making it easier for them to plan their trips, Google said in a statement.

The new function can be found within the “public transport” and “cabin” modes on Google Maps and is based on the expected travel route and the official rate model Shared by the Delhi Traffic Police.