Google How to use Google Opinion Rewards and Earn Money Easily The Play Store has millions of applications, games, books, ...

Google How to use Google Opinion Rewards and Earn Money Easily The Play Store has millions of applications, games, books, …

The Play Store has millions of applications, games, books, movies and other items that you can access easily. Many of them facilitate some things in life and others are just for fun or moments of relaxation, but the most likely thing is that you do not have knowledge of many apps that millions of people use and that could be very useful for you.


One of them is Google Opinion Rewards, this is a Google tool with which you can benefit by just answering a few questions. Today I will tell you how to use this app but also how you have to install it so keep reading to find the steps to follow.

Google Opinion Rewards

This application is a Google market research tool, there you can see simple surveys and questions that you can answer in exchange for Google Play credits. Even if you don’t think so, you can get credits to buy the apps that you like so much and have always wanted, for the identity you do not have to worry because the answers are anonymous plus it only takes a few minutes to respond.

Everything sounds perfect right? But I will give you bad news and that is that there is a very big obstacle, this application is only available in some countries. However, there is always a way when it comes to having very useful apps on your mobile, so if you want to have this great benefit you have to be willing to do anything. So if you are, that’s incredible, then I’ll explain how to use Google Opinion Redwars in unsupported countries.


How to use and download Google Opinion Redwards

The first thing to do before downloading this application is to change our location and for this, two more apps will be needed.

1-First you will go to Settings, then you will look for the option Location services and when you enter you will enable the GPS.

2-The second thing you have to do is download Fake GPS through the following link and Psiphon from here.

3-When you already have both applications installed you will go a Settings, you will search Development options and later you will enable the fake locations or simulated depending on the mobile.

4-After from the indicator you will select Fake GPS.

5-Then start Fake GPS and go straight to New York, the next thing you have to do is press start.

6-Now you’re going to launch the other application called Psiphon, you have to touch the section when prompted. You will go to the options and select the United States from the region.

Once you do all this you will have to create a new Google account, but it has to be from the United States. To do this you have to go to Settings, from there to Accounts and then add a new Google account, just follow the steps and that’s it.

The last thing to do is download the Google Opinion Rewards appYou can have it by entering the Play Store from the link that I have left you. When it is installed, you will open it, select the new account and enter all the information it asks for. The zip code you have to put is the 11413 since this is the one in New York.