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Google Find the Cheapest Flights With Google FlightsWhen we talk about traveling, the options are too many, that is not …

When we talk about traveling, the options are too many, we cannot deny that. Obviously when one has to go on a trip urgently, it is not exactly an option to see what the best prices are, the issue is when we have time to plan things then in that way we can evaluate which are the cheapest prices Obviously maintaining quality so that you can travel and not spend too much money.

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Google Flights your best friend when traveling

Until now what we could do with this application was have a kind of calendar view where we could see the rates, which obviously fluctuate a lot online, in this way when leaving you could access the price that was most accessible to you. In turn, the app was also in charge of sending you notifications with ticket prices when they were about to change.

Now we receive a new update quite interesting where this function improved considerably and one of those things that is worth noting is that now we will be able to receive notifications when the rates are about to expire so that you can reserve them immediately and not miss certain offers.


So in this way all you have to do is specify the destination you want to go to and it is tracked, in this way the application helps you choose the best route to take, recommended airports and even alternative dates when prices are going to decrease or increase based on historical data. Now users will have notifications where it is notified when prices are changed for a flight or a specific route.

The changes will be seen in the coming weeks, obviously before the end of the year. In this way you will be able to use this application to get the cheapest flights and in a few words be able to have a pleasant trip and above all, economical. It must be taken into account that there is an application that is capable of overshadowing that of Google and it is Hopper, the direct competitor we could say so that Google must get to work and begin to significantly improve its app in order to be competent and thus meet all the needs of users who decide to use Google Flights to partially plan their trips and get the cheapest prices.