Cómo instalar Google Earth de forma sencilla

Google Earth How to Install Google Earth in a Simple Way Technology has changed many things in our way of life …

Technology has changed many things in our way of life and companies like Google are among the great responsible for those changes. This time we will explain how to install Google Earth easily.

Google Earth is today a very popular application, but before 2004 we knew little about it, since the program was developed by the CIA. However, it seemed to Google that this satellite mapping system could have many applications beyond security and in 2004 it decided to buy the program and make it what we know today.

Google Earth is something of a virtual eye. It allows us to view images taken by satellite from anywhere in the world. Those images are today in 3D and high resolution.

The utilities of this application are many, from helping us prepare a trip to simply being able to travel and see new places in the world without having to leave home. Also offers interesting options from a business point of view.

How to install Google Earth in a simple way

How to install Google Earth in a simple way

During its first years of life Google Earth had a Pro version that had a cost of $ 399 per year. However, today things have changed and Google Earth is totally free, so that we can all enjoy without having to pay anything at all.

To enjoy Google Earth on our smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, what we have to do is enter the Google Play Store, there we will find the application if we search for it by name. If it is more comfortable for you, you can download google earth from the link that we leave you.

Once you have the localized application click on it to see useful information about it and its technical characteristics, in order to check if your phone or tablet meets the requirements for installation. If so, press the green button that indicates “Install” and in a few minutes you will be enjoying this application and traveling even virtually anywhere in the world.

If you are not sure if you want to download this application, what you can do is add it to the wish list (You will see the option right next to the “Install” button). So you can come back to it at a later time and decide whether or not you are interested in installing it.

If you have a device with an iOS operating system you can download Google Earth from the App Store completely free of charge.

To enjoy this application from your computer, just enter the google earth web. In it you will find a button that says “Download Google Earth”, click on it and follow the installation wizard.

How to install Google Earth in a simple way

To work or to browse

This application has a large number of practical applications, you can use it to work or to carry out research, but you can also use it to browse those places in the world you’ve always wanted to travel to or simply to see how the places you frequently visit look from above.

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