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Google Earth adds a search layer

The Google Earth search engine is now able to return KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files created by developers to add information to the application’s maps.

As Chikai Ohazama, Google Earth Product Manager, writes in an official company blog: “Users can now search all of the world’s KML files, allowing the millions of Google Earth layers available on the Web are instantly accessible for land exploration and navigation. ” As Ohazama writes, Google plans to later expand this capability to its Google Maps website.

Google Earth is a free application that is based on a database of several terabytes and contains aerial and satellite images to allow us to “fly” around the globe using a user interface similar to that of a video game. By creating layers with the KML file format, users can create markers to highlight locations and provide all kinds of information about an area, making Google Earth a repository for personal business listings, home sales, photographs, drawings architectural, videos, historical facts and obtaining geographic data.