Athorkey allows you to follow the iPhone closely

Germany will have the iPhone on November 9

As expected, T-Mobile has obtained the exclusive rights for the iPhone in Germany. Named by Hamid Akhavan, CEO of T-Mobile International, as “the best mobile device on the market today”, he has declared that he is convinced to get his “customers satisfied about the mobile experience on the internet with the iPhone.” The Internet browsing capabilities of the iPhone are one of the many features that differentiate the iPhone from its competitors.

The iPhone will use T-Mobile’s EDGE network and will be Wi-Fi compatible, providing users with the ability to connect to any of T-Mobile’s 8,600 access points in Germany. German users will also have access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Store, a service introduced by Apple that allows iPhone users to download songs to their phone and sync them with their computer.

The iPhone will be sold in Germany through Deutsche Telekom’s Telekom Shops and on the T-Mobile webstore. The iPhone will require a new two-year tariff with T-Mobile and will be available in the 8GB model for a price of 399 EUR (VAT included) for both PC and Mac.