Geek Humor 2.0

Geek Humor 2.0

Nothing better than starting the week with a little Geek humor. If the weekend still does not finish passing you. Take a break, relax and laugh for a while with the occurrences that Geeks constantly bring us and what Geek image do you have to share?

geek evolution (geek humor)

These are some good jokes that I found in the Uncyclopedia, which for those who do not know it, is a mocking version of Wikipedia, with the sole objective of making joke articles, with the same seriousness with which those of an encyclopedia are made real.

I connect, therefore I exist; I do not connect, then I insist …

– The typical geek about geek thinking

Passwords are like underwear. You should not leave it lying where people can see it. You must change it regularly. And you should not lend it to strangers.

– Geek out making a momentous reflection.

Girls are like Internet domains, the ones you like are not available.

– Another geek about women.

At the beginning, there was only the About: Blank …

– Geek prototype on the genesis of the Internet.

When I see you, my CPU cycle speeds up… Tell me your name and I’ll bookmark you.

– One of those geek pretending to flirt.

I’m going to download …

– Geek before going to the bathroom.