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If Pokémon Go was the game that marked the first part of the year on mobile devices, we can possibly say that another title directly related to the people of Nintendo, as is the case with Super Mario Run, has also left its mark on the market by the end of 2016. Facing this 2019 that is just beginning, many users want to enjoy a classic like Super Mario Run on their mobile phones, and that is why we want teach you all the details to install it on Android.

The first thing you have to know in this regard is that when we talk about Super Mario Run, we do it about a game that at least for the moment is only available for Apple smartphones, that is, the traditional iPhones that run Android operating systems. Indeed, Super Mario Run is not yet available for Android mobiles in a traditional way through the Google Play Store, and that is where all the adventures and challenges begin to install it in this environment.

Super Mario will always be a franchise that touches the deepest fibers of all of us because it is an old and much loved saga of games that has given us great moments and priceless smiles, this is how Super Mario will always be remembered, however now same the Nintendo has decided to relaunch this concept with a new application and game called Super Mario RUN, it is a very interesting game that has found a space in google play and is available right now thanks to a previous registration that was made recently, it means that it is available for android, and right now we can enjoy it from the comfort of the play store so we will learn how install mario run on android.

In turn, those who have installed Super Mario Run on their iPhone will know perfectly well that although at first the game is completely free, then we have to pay to continue moving forward, so there is no doubt that we will have to give it a try before analyzing if we want to pay for it. Specific, the idea of ​​this article is that you can download Super Mario Run on your Android smartphone, and from there, that you also have the possibility then to start testing it and see what you think.

Install Super Mario Run on Android

Okay, so we assume that you want to learn how to download Super Mario Run for Android mobile devices, and then all you have to do is enter the link in question, where you will find the APK file, that is, an executable that replaces the download from the Google Play store, not yet available. Once you have downloaded that file to your mobile, you have to know where you have located it. And if you have downloaded it to your computer, it will be time to transfer it via USB to the phone.

Before continuing with the tutorial, remember that you will have to enable the USB debugging option in Settings, Developer options. In turn, if Developer Options are not activated, you have to go to Settings, About device and press several times on Build number. After finishing the previous step, you must go to Settings, Security, Unknown sources, and check that the APK of Super Mario Run has been installed. If so, you have to run it as if it were any other file.

The installation process of Super Mario Run has already begun and will take a few minutes, although nothing serious considering that you will be able to enjoy one of the best games of 2016, and a serious candidate to also be among the best of 2017, in advance in your Android mobile device. At the same time, you have to know that for iOS you can download Super Mario Run directly, which will save you an enormous amount of time in consideration of this process, at least until Super Mario Run for Android is released as well.

Install Mario RUN on Android

So Despite the great acceptance that exists in the community of the IOS, there are those who complain because the early stages they are absolutely free but there are others that are not so free because they are the last levels.

However, you have to understand that the concept of this game is quite similar to most fashionable games, it is about running to reach objectives that then lead us to different maps and rewards.The game is available for certain regions at the moment, but this will be resolved as the language packs come out, since it must be officially launched in the country where you are.

This link will take you directly to the Play Store so you can download the game quickly and easily.

Download Here

How to Install Super Mario RUN

  1. Download Super Mario Run APK.
  2. Download the File directly from your pc and copy it to your Android device. It is important to enable the security options allow unknown sources.
  3. Using a File Manager, find the game file and click to install it on your device.
  4. Once the installation is finished it is important that they verify if it works so they should open the game and test it.

In this way we can install our favorite game on the android device, do not forget to review the steps, in case you cannot install the game, this is something we recommend to avoid future problems with the installation, The game is really exceptional and the best thing is that it is free for a few levels, you will have to pay a sum of money if you want to enjoy it completely because, Nintendo applied this modality.

Have you been able to install Super Mario Run on Android with this trick?

Super Mario Run for Android, Download this interesting Mario Bros game

Some time ago we went completely crazy when Nintendo He said that they were finally going to open up their horizons a little more and the character that we could say is the icon of the company since the 80s would leave their beloved consoles to enter the world of mobile devices. Since then we are not exactly few who want to have the Super Mario Run on our mobile devices, although everything seems to indicate that we are going to have to keep waiting a little longer to be able to enjoy it because things are slow, it seems quite slow to me.