Citrix DesktopPlayer improves virtualization on Macs

Game developers reaffirm their commitment to the Mac

In case anyone thought that Boot Camp or Parallels were going to destroy the market for Mac games, two heavyweights in the video game industry have announced their commitment to the platform.

Bing Gordon, co-founder and CEO of Electronic Arts, has announced his commitment to the Mac beginning with the arrival of four of his greatest titles next month: “Command and Conquer 3”, “Battlefield 2142”, “Need for Speed ​​Carbon “and” Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix “. Additionally, EA will bring new sports games to the Mac in August like Madden 08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

For his part, John Carmack, owner and CTO of id Software, has made a demonstration of a powerful graphics engine created using the next generation technology of id Software and Mac OS X. The person in charge of games like Quake or Doom, has stated that there will be more news on these new technologies at id’s annual gamers convention, QuakeCon.