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Galana remodels her business to get closer to the Mac user

Galana has a long tradition in professional fields such as graphic arts, color management and digital video. For this reason, with this reform, in which it will have a large product display area including the entire Macintosh range and the entire iPod and accessories range, the distributor wants to reinforce its brand image in front of the general public and improve its presence in the market. consumer market.

Renovated image and a “museum of the Mac”

The renovated Galana store now has a more modern image, Apple style, but without strictly following the look of the Apple Store and preserving its own personality and image. In addition to the large exhibition area where customers can see the entire iPod range live, together with its accessories, plus the entire range of Apple desktop and laptop computers; the distributor has a curious “museum” or “hall of fame” area of ​​the Macintosh where you can see some of the most charismatic machines in all of Apple’s history. This museum includes such renowned machines as an Apple II, a Macintosh Portable, a 20th anniversary Macintosh or a G4 Cube.

Apple Premium Reseller, not yet

Although Galana has been in talks with Apple to obtain certification as Apple Premium Reseller (the former Apple Center), the company requires in our country that these distributors have a store for the public in the center of cities, something that, according to has explained to Macworld, Boro Bayarri, galana’s manager, would be hardly profitable in a city like Valencia where the rents of the premises are very high and where large stores such as El Corte Inglés or Fnac have become the first iPod sellers and other Apple products for the general public.

Opening party on May 16

To celebrate the reopening of its business, Galana has also announced a small party in which it will present its facilities to the public, which will take place next Friday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m.

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