Utilizar Móvil o Tablet como Monitor

Gadgets How to Use Mobile or Tablet as Monitor Thanks to the advances in the implementation of these android devices …

Thanks to the advances in the implementation of these android devices as tools that allow us to open a range of possibilities to facilitate our existence, lBequeath a great application that is focused on the possibility of Using Mobile or Tablet as Monitor with an android operating system , this is already evident we are going to be able to use our equipment as an additional monitor, it is a really cheaper alternative to not have to buy any additional screen for our PC or Laptop in this sense it does the same job without seeing us having to buy nothing additional.

Implement the Cell as a Monitoruse mobile or tablet as monitor

In this sense, we are especially surprised by all the progress that is accumulating in the world in reference to this, the application is called Air Screen-2nd mobile Display, it has several advantages and disadvantages like any application today, but in this sense something that many do not think is the reaction response is slow a little more than normal, because it is used by Wi-Fi network this causes the transmission of data between the computer and android device is a little more affected, however the community of android users who use the application recommends it for power point presentations, something that is very useful, in every sense it is not recommended to use it for games since very loaded scenarios are required and will take forever to update and this will cause a big problem when playing.

Use Mobile or Tablet as Monitor

  • Another thing that must be taken into account regarding this wonderful app is that it consumes too much battery, this due to the excessive use of the screen when having it on for longer, causes the battery to consume much more Quick.

The preliminary requirements, to install are basic, it is necessary to take into account that to use mobile or tablet as a monitor, this is compatible only with windows in its version of windows 7 if possible some other but it is better in 7, due to its high compatibility with the driver that this application has integrated for its operation, in this sense it works much faster, and dIt depends a lot on the internet speed, as I said it works by wifi.

Steps to Install this Wonderful Application:

Air display Screen 2nd mobile display

Use Mobile or Tablet as Monitor1. From the following link you can download this application called Air Screen 2nd Mobile Display, available in the Play Store, proceed to download and install and you will be ready to follow the next step.

Download Here

2. Once you install the application, proceed to install the client on the pc that you want to make the monitor extension, the page is:

3. Both devices must be on the WIFI network.

4. When installing the application, it is left open on the computer.

5. then proceed to enter the android device, to choose the name of the pc to connect in this way you will begin to use Mobile or Tablet as Monitor.

We hope that our advice is helpful, remember that if you cannot enhance the extension of your monitor, you must verify each of the steps carried out in detail.