Gadgets How to make an RJ45 connector in the simplest and fastest wayTo begin with, RJ45 connectors are used to make connections ...

Gadgets How to make an RJ45 connector in the simplest and fastest wayTo begin with, RJ45 connectors are used to make connections …

To start the RJ45 connectors are used to make network connections with structured cabling, the main objective is to connect network devices in a LAN, although they are also widely used in other applications such as telephone networks. What is it specifically? It is an interface that has 8 pins in which a cable is connected and the location is based on the colors.

This is what there was before the Wifi, these are much safer networks than there is no doubt, but they also have higher costs. The truth is that if in your house you have routers and a UTP cable that goes to the PC, nobody is going to be able to hack the network. Now, in order to make a cable with connector RJ45 You don’t have to complicate it as it is very easy, although you need the right tools.

The materials you will need to make an RJ45 connector

So in order to make a cable with an RJ45 connector, you will need the following materials:

  • Crimping or punching pliers: You cannot miss this tool because without it it will be impossible for you to do important procedures such as stripping, cutting cables and seating the RJ45 connector blades.
  • UTP cable: This is made up of cables that you will need to insert the RJ45 connector. The best thing is that you get those of category 6 since they are prepared to avoid crosstalk and noise, it can also transmit information at 1,000 Mb / s.
  • RJ45 connectors: They can be obtained in any electronics house without any problem.

How to make an RJ45 connector to UTP cable

The first thing to do is cut the UTP cable To leave the length you need, normally when doing this kind of wiring it is necessary to calculate the length of the cable well for different reasons, but the most important because it is necessary that the installation be neat and thus the wiring adapts to the place where you will install it. In addition, the length of the cable is taken care of because the longer it is, the more loss in signal quality it will have.

Now, to cut the cable you can use the same crimping pliers or a tool with which you feel comfortable, remember to press well to be able cut the wire since it is made up of several smaller ones. What you have to do next is strip the cable to be able to insert the connectors, for them you can use the clamp that has a special blade. If you can’t because it costs you can use a cutter, scissors or pliers.

You already have the cables clear, there is something very important that you have to do is respect the colors, this is because each one goes at a specific point. In this case, to make a cable in a practical way, you will have to follow the regulations T568A for a normal cable and T568B for a crossover cable.

In the video that I will leave you below, you will be able to see how it is done perfectly, step by step and in detail.