Gadgets How to make a homemade WiFi antennaIn your home, or anywhere, you will know that having ...

Gadgets How to make a homemade WiFi antennaIn your home, or anywhere, you will know that having …

In your home, or anywhere, you will know that having a WiFi antenna is essential to be able to access this basic service so that mobile devices work in all their splendor, although sometimes you may find that you do not have one at hand and no you can buy it. What we recommend in these cases is that you take the trouble for a few minutes to generate your own WiFi antenna, so you will have to follow all the steps that we are going to teach you below, quickly and safely.

The first thing you have to know in this regard is that when it comes to making a WiFi antenna, it is not as complicated a process as it sounds, but it is even something quite fun to do and easy. Although there are different methods to make a WiFi antenna, in this particular case what we want to teach you is to make one as simple as possible. All you need is a USB WiFi adapter, which will allow you to enjoy WiFi connectivity anywhere.

When analyzing the elements that you will need to create your own WiFi antenna, you have to know that only a few basic ones are required, nothing too complicated. The first thing will be a completely new pan, and in case it is not new, it is very clean. Then you will need some wood that allows you to hold it, as for example it can be a board. The idea is that you can rotate the antenna without problems. Finally, you are going to need some nails, something that is not too complicated to achieve. If you don’t have the WiFi adapter, its price is around 10 euros right now on Amazon, so you can get it there.

Creating your own WiFi antenna

Well, let’s suppose then that you already have all the materials for your home WiFi antenna, then the next thing to do is to calculate the distance that exists between the same pan and the adapter in question. The idea is that it is not too great a distance between both elements. A focal point, as it is called in these cases, should be around 6.80 centimeters approximately. We cut a small piece of wood that is where we are going to place the adapter later so that it does not fall.

Then, we will cut two more pieces of wood to make the legs, and if you have a tripod even better since that will give much more stability to the system. In turn, it will need to be able to support the weight of the adapter. It is not complicated at all but you will have to consider all these elements at the time of the process. We believe that a base of 30 centimeters long and about 5 high will be more than enough in these cases. Then you can even paint it if you want to make it much more attractive.

If you have followed all the previous steps, you will know that it is not complicated at all to generate the base of your home WiFi antenna, although we recommend in these cases to use all the necessary elements such as a ruler, scissors, metal saw, cutter, screwdriver, hammer , tip soldering iron, silicone gun. This, as long as you want a much neater result. For the rest, there are many ways to make a home WiFi antenna, although this is one of the simplest you will find..

Have you been able to make your own home WiFi antenna with this step by step? If you have any questions about it, then we recommend that you watch the following video about it: