Gadgets Do You Know the Differences Between Dolce Gusto Coffee Makers When a person has in mind to buy a Dolce Gusto coffee maker,…

Gadgets Do You Know the Differences Between Dolce Gusto Coffee Makers When a person has in mind to buy a Dolce Gusto coffee maker,…

When a person has in mind to buy a coffee maker Dolce Gusto, especially when we are close to special dates such as Christmas and take advantage of the fact that it can be a good gift, there is a doubt that always due to the little information that exists on the Internet about this.

The consumer who has never bought a coffee maker does not know which ones How are coffee makers different? Dolce Gusto. There is a great diversity of models but there is no clear information on what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one, in turn, in physical stores sellers do not always know how to give us good guidance in this regard.


What are the models of Dolce Gusto coffee machines?

To get started, it is necessary to know that the existing models are elevenThese are: Piccolo, Circolo, Genio, Melody, Oblo, Mini Me, Drop, Jovia, Movenza, Eclipse and Stelia. However, there is another model called Dolce Gusto Fontana that is from 2010 but is not marketed today in Spain although it can be purchased online, so it will be left out of this comparison.

Differences between Dolce Gusto coffee makers

Differences in performance and functionality between all models are almost non-existent. The only real difference regarding its operation is that there are manual and automatic coffee machines, the rest of the details you need to decide which one to buy are of the logistical or aesthetic type, that is, size, price, colors, design or capacity of the water tank. .


Dolce Gusto manual or automatic?

The main difference that you can find between them, as mentioned previously, is that they are divided into two groups, manual and automatic coffee makers.

Among the manual coffee machines we can find the following:

The Piccolo, Oblo and Jovia coffee machines are manual coffee machines.

Among the automatic ones we have:

Dolce Gusto Stelia, Drop, Eclipse, Genio, Movenza and Mini Me coffee machines are fully automatic.

However, Melody and Circo coffee makers can be purchased in both versions, that is, both automatic and manual.

The difference between a coffee maker Dolce Gusto automatic and a manual is that in the automatic uses a system called Play & Select, where you only have to select the intensity of the coffee in an interval from 1 to 7, you must turn it on and the coffee machine stops automatically without spilling anything, while the manual you must stop the coffee preparation whenever you want, otherwise it will spill.

In terms of prices, manual coffee machines are much cheaper than automatic ones, so if budget is an important point for you, you should look at coffee machines Dolce Gusto manuals.


Each model has new features compared to the previous year’s model, for example, coffee makers Dolce Gusto Jovia and Oblo were launched on the market in September 2014, they are practically the same, they only differ in their shape and design. But the Drop Stelia models released in 2015 introduce a full touch control panelBoth are automatic and have 1-liter capacity tanks, slightly larger than previous models. Regarding the Dolce Gusto capsules there will be no problems, as they are completely the same for all models.

Basically these are the real differences between the Dolce Gusto coffee machines, I hope this information is useful to you and you know how to choose the coffee maker that best suits your needs.