Maria Montero

Ford introduces noise-canceling cage prototype for …

Dogs have a much wider range of hearing than humans and noises that don’t bother us can cause quite a stir. Fireworks are especially difficult for many puppies and also for owners who have to calm their panicky pets. To potentially help them, Ford has developed a noise-canceling kennel prototype that it claims was inspired by noise-control technology that was used in its Edge SUV to smooth out engine and transmission noises.

When the microphones inside the kennel detect the sound of fireworks, a built-in audio system sends out opposing frequencies that Ford claims significantly reduce or cancel the cacophony. The kennel is also constructed of high-density cork to further silence outside noises.

The noise canceling kennel is not currently for sale, but Ford says it “is the first in a series of initiatives, called interventions, that apply automotive knowledge to help solve everyday problems.”

You may remember, especially if you have a young child, that last year Ford developed a crib called Max Motor Dreams to soothe babies who only fall asleep in moving vehicles, a situation that many exhausted parents (with cars of high mileage) are familiar. The crib had little motors underneath that stimulated the feel of a moving vehicle, reproduced real road noise, and even had built-in LED lights to mimic the brightness of street lights.

At the time, Ford said the crib could be produced for sale if there was enough interest, but despite the fact that it went viral, Max Motor Dreams never hit the market. That’s not an encouraging sign for people who want to buy the noise-canceling kennel, but in the meantime, here are some ways you can get your dogs ready for the holiday fireworks. There is also a product called ThunderShirt that is supposed to help relieve anxiety in dogs, but of course the results will vary from canine to canine.