Cómo Darse de baja en POF paso a paso

Flirting Do you use POF? Do you want to unsubscribe? We teach you how to unsubscribe from POF There are not few people who have registered with POF, …

There are not few people who have signed up for POF, the dating site known worldwide. The issue is that once you stop using it, for whatever reason is obviously the account is still active unless we unsubscribe and delete it.

Either because you found a partner or you simply don’t want to continue being in it, it is important that you learn to delete the record of it.

Unsubscribe from POF

The first thing you will have to do is simply go to the POF website and enter our username and password, all normal up to here, but what you will also need is to follow this link that directs you to the specific site where you must cancel the account.

If you look under everything you will be able to see the option that clearly says To delete your account CLICK HERE! This is where you must click.

Keep in mind that you must be very sure of what you are going to do because once this is done the account cannot be recovered in any way, once it is deleted you will no longer be able to recover it and the only option to return to POF is simply creating a new one.

Once we are sure the web asks us what are the reasons why we want to leave this dating site, Why do you want to unsubscribe from the web?. Answer the questions that are silly after all and simply go to where it says “Delete account” to permanently delete the profile, without any way to ever recover it, remember that.

Now a message appears saying The account has been deletedThat way our account no longer exists and the next time you want to use the service again you will have to register again, there is no way to recover your old account.

These kinds of places are good for meeting new people and that kind of thing, but obviously they have a stage in the life of every adult that can happen in a while and that’s when it doesn’t. you just have to delete your account but all your data so as not to just leave personal data turning on the Internet at the mercy of anyone.