Maria Montero

FAIR from Facebook’s AI division is now …

Facebook has been dabbling in AI For some time now, and we see that their applications are being used in their News and other products such as Messenger and Instagram. Now it appears that the company is testing robotics.

Stickers with the Facebook logo are on display at Facebook Inc’s F8 developer conference in San Jose, California. Reuters

According to report by Bloomberg, The social media giant has published three articles detailing how it would use robotics. The first document involves building a six-legged robot that then teaches itself to walk through trial and error. The second document is about making use of “curiosity” to help robots learn faster and the third is the use of the sense of touch that would help a robot to accomplish simple tasks.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence research laboratory, known as FAIR, is developing this line of work in robotics technology. The company’s chief scientist in artificial intelligence, Yann LeCun, told Bloomberg in an interview that “FAIR has a duty to roam the corners and prepare for future products and services, including robots.”

FAIR engineers are working alongside computer scientists from New York University. The report claims that with the combined help, the researchers were able to reduce the number of attempts to grab an object from thousands or hundreds of attempts to tens of attempts.

“The great thing about robotics is that it takes place in real time, in the real world,” said Antoine Bordes, co-director of the company’s artificial intelligence research labs, in an interview with Bloomberg last week in paris

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