Maria Montero

Facebook’s new tool answers the question "Why…

Facebook announced today that it is adding a feature called “Why am I seeing this post?” a News news. Like “Why am I seeing this ad?” Which appeared alongside ads since 2014, the new tool has a drop-down menu that provides users with information about why that post appeared in their News, along with links to controls customization.

Intended to give users more transparency about how Facebook’s news feed algorithm works, the update comes as the company grapples with several major events that have highlighted the shortcomings of the platform, including potentially harmful. These include his role in allowing the broadcast of a video taken during the shooting attacks on New Zealand mosques two weeks ago, which was originally broadcast using Facebook Live; a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development accusing Facebook’s ad targeting tool of violating the Fair Housing Act and its role in spreading misinformation and propaganda (after years of complaints and criticism, Facebook recently announced plans to reduce anti-vaccination posts and bans on white nationalist content.

Facebook’s announcement says this is the first time that its “built-in information on how ranking works directly in the app.” Users will be able to access “Why am I seeing this post?” Like a drop-down menu in the right corner of friend’s posts. , Pages, and Groups in your News Feed that shows information about how your algorithm decided to rank the post, including:

  • Why are you seeing a certain post in your news feed, for example if the post is from a friend you made, a group you joined, or a page you followed.
  • The information that generally has the most influence on the order of posts, including: (a) how often you interact with posts by individuals, pages, or groups; (b) how often you interact with a specific type of post, for example videos, photos, or links; and (c) the popularity of the posts shared by the people, pages, and groups you follow.

The same menu will also include links to customization options, including View First, Unfollow, News Preferences, and Privacy Shortcuts. The company’s blog post said “during our research on” Why am I seeing this post? “People told us that the transparency in the News Feed algorithms was not enough without the corresponding controls.”

“Why am I seeing this ad?”, A similar feature that was released in 2014, will be updated to include more information. For example, it will inform users if an ad appeared in their News Feed because a company uploaded their contact lists, such as emails or phone numbers, or if they worked with a marketing partner to place the ad.