Proteger foto de perfil en facebook

Facebook Protect Facebook Profile Picture Definitive SolutionFacebook has millions of daily active users, there are some …

Facebook has millions of active users every day, there are some who are fans of the social network, and who on many occasions can spend the whole day seeing the news within that popular social network, but at this moment we are going to explain how protect your profile photo that you have so that your users (your users) are worth the redundancy, whoever sees it and thus be able to Protect Profile Photo on Facebook.

Increase privacy on the social network Facebook

Protect profile picture on facebook

As a general rule, all of those who register in this popular network want and rather nWe need a profile photo for our known colleagues to add us, however, it is at this point where there has to be a little care and we have to Protect Profile Photo on Facebook.

We all understand that There are many people who are malicious with the sole purpose of using the photo of an unfortunate person for a false profile or in a thousand opportunities to publish them on unknown web pages, the truth is this is horrible, not to say that quite sad, however do not despair There are some measures that Facebook has implemented to avoid this root problem.

Protect Profile Picture on Facebook

Protecting this profile picture on facebook becomes more difficult every time, however the creators of this social network claim that this is not the case, they have developed a way in which we can limit the access of strangers to our profile so that our security and privacy in this way increases.

Facebook has implemented many security and privacy options that are used with the sole purpose of making our profile a little more secure, we are all clear that with our friends it is not the problem, the problem is with strangers and this is where Facebook does the pressure and presence, just by moving some settings we will be able to limit the profile and Protect Profile Picture on Facebook.

Steps not to steal my photo on Facebook

  • Enter Facebook from your computer.
  • Click on the profile photo.
  • On the right side there are several options: I post, Friends, Just me.
  • This is where your common sense plays the role, you must choose the one you prefer, and for my part, I only prefer friends, so your friends will be able to see it big and even download it without problems.
  • Now strangers will never be able to access unless you accept them.

In this way we manage to protect the profile without any apparent problem, understanding that we only need to pay attention to the details on our facebook, and that we must be aware of what we upload so that we do not have to enter these situations when we need a little privacy.