Facebook Lite How to Have Free Facebook Lite WITHOUT BalanceWhen we think about the main applications that we can have installed in ...

Facebook Lite How to Have Free Facebook Lite WITHOUT BalanceWhen we think about the main applications that we can have installed in …

When we think about the main applications that we can have installed on our smart mobile devices, there is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most important, taking into account that it is the official app of the most important social network in the world for many. The truth is that, anyway, we are talking about a rather old application, which is why we have to make sure that our mobile is capable of supporting both its weight and its consumption of resources.

For this reason, taking into account the markets in which the mobile data service is not very powerful, and the users who have had smartphones for several years, without so much power, the developers of Facebook have decided to launch a lightweight version of their service, called Facebook Lite. You have to consider, in this type of situation, that at this point Facebook Lite, the lightweight version of Facebook, is a widely used application, especially as we said by Android users of medium or low ranges.

Many of them have been asking us, recently, in fact, if there is any possibility of having free Facebook Lite without balance, in order to avoid having to pay for the use of the application, and in this article we will try to give them an answer appropriate to the circumstances. It is a method to have free Internet 2017 using Yoga VPN that will allow you to use the step by step for companies such as Telcel, AT&T, Unefon, Claro, Movistar, Tigo, Digicel, RED, Virgin Mobile, Personal, Nextel, Entel, Nuestro , Tuenti MX, Cierto, TIM, Oi Móvil and WOM, to mention some of the most famous in the world.

Facebook Lite without paying

Well, if you want to enjoy Facebook Lite for free without a balance, you have to know then that you will need to meet some requirements that we can consider essential in these cases. The first thing is to have an Android smartphone with prepaid SIM, although the plan must have a 0 balance, because otherwise you will spend it. Then, you have to install Facebook Lite on the device itself, considering in this sense that you can do it directly through the official Google Play Store, or through this secure link.

When you have installed the application on your smartphone, the next step will be to download and install Yoga VPN, the application to have free megabytes on Android that we have already talked about on numerous occasions, and that is even useful beyond the particular case of Facebook Lite this time. You can download Yoga VPN from this link, and again we recommend not looking for the installation files on the web as there are many that are really fake, and you should be careful with it.

Well, before continuing, and if you are wondering if this step by step works in your country, you have to know that it has indeed been tested, and has given results, to users from the following countries: Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia , Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, Venezuela, Honduras, Paraguay, Haiti, Spain, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Brazil. That is, if you find yourself in any of them, go ahead without problems.

Once you have verified that you have no balance left, something that you can quickly do when sending a message on WhatsApp or opening a web page, you have to go to Settings, Mobile networks, APN or Access point names, and verify that the Internet APN of your operator is correctly entered. Once the previous applications have been downloaded, the following will be turn off the WiFi of our device, and then, activate the mobile data by sliding down the notification bar.

Once all the previous steps have been carried out, the next thing to have free Facebook Lite without balance is to open Yoga VPN from the main menu and click on Quick Start, which is located in the central part of the application. You will see that then a complete list of applications appears. Among all of them you have to select Facebook Lite. If you see that for some reason the application does not appear, you must click on Add / Add and search for it manually, although it is unlikely that it does not appear per se.

At this point, it is the right moment when we have to press on the application. since we should already have a completely free Internet connection to start using it. If everything has happened in the expected lanes, you will see a message appear saying “Connected Successfully” and a key icon will also be added to the top of the screen. When you are done with all of the above, you should try sending a message or posting something through Facebook Lite to see if it lets you do it.

Have you been able to install Facebook Lite for free without credit on your Android terminal?