Facebook How to unlink Facebook from InstagramFacebook is one of the main social networks, if not the most ...

Facebook How to unlink Facebook from InstagramFacebook is one of the main social networks, if not the most …

Facebook is one of the main social networks, if not the most important in the whole world. The truth is that beyond its own functions, we cannot fail to consider in this regard that it also serves as a registration method on many other platforms and social networks that belong to it. To give an example, Many of us when we have made an account or registered on Instagram, we have been able to decide between making a new account, or starting to use this social network of photographs through Facebook.

If you do not have an Instagram account, you have to know that we are obviously talking about one of the most popular social media applications for sharing photos and short videos, which also allows you to make live videos, review the publications of our friends and acquaintances, etc. In any case, the truth is that we are receiving many inquiries from users who want their Instagram to be private, and the first thing we must do in these cases is to separate them, unlink them, from our Facebook profile.

Indeed, if you are one of the many who at the time has wondered how to unlink Facebook from Instagram, you have to know that in this article you will find a good part of the information about it. Best of all, it is a series of very simple and easy steps to perform. Once you’re done with it all You can always use Instagram again, although in this case you will have to proceed with the complete registration step by step, which is not complicated to tell the truth.

Remove Facebook from Instagram

Well, let’s go in any case first of all with the steps to unlink Facebook from Instagram. We have to say in this sense that the first thing you should do is open Instagram and go to the profile tab. Later you have to press the menu button, to access its options. You will see that within this section you will find an option for “Linked accounts”. You must click on it, and the next step is to click on More. Then, you have to select Facebook from those available.

Once you are inside the Facebook option, you will see that several options appear available, although in particular the one that interests us is the Unlink. The next thing you have to do is click on the end button, and confirm the unlinking of both accounts, Facebook and Instagram. So far we have finished with the main issues to consider. You have to add to that, in any way, the unlinking of both social networks but entering through Facebook.

Well, to finish the unlinking of both accounts we have to enter this link in the first instance. When you are inside it, if you have not logged into Facebook, you have to start it. The next step has to do with observing the list of applications to which we have given authorization from our Facebook account. Of course, Instagram has to be one of those that appears. And to tell the truth, by the way it never hurts to check which apps have access to this personal information.

Beyond that, if the only thing you are interested in finding is Instagram and you are taking too long, remember that you can always press Ctrl + F to search for Instagram in the integrated search engine. Considering the previous element, the following will be to click on the application and click Remove. At the same time, once at this point, it is possible to delete all the past Instagram activity on Facebook, for which we have to check the corresponding box and hit the Remove button again.

As you can see, it is a simple procedure that can be carried out by any user, even if he is not an expert in this type of subject. In any case, you have to consider in this sense that we can carry out this step by step from a Mac computer, one with a Windows operating system, and even from mobile devices with an Android operating system or even an iPhone. Any inconvenience you have had, or why not, if everything has gone as it should, you can ask us about it in the comments.

Have you been able to unlink Facebook from Instagram with this step by step?