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Facebook Close Facebook of a Deceased PersonFacebook is quite a popular social network among people, but …

Facebook is a very popular social network among people, but this phenomenon has come to transcend in an incredible way in people’s lives and it is today, when it is so meaningful within society, that we have reached the extreme that If someone dies from various causes in a tragic way or with a complicated disease, those close to them will have to see the need to close Facebook of a deceased person without having any password, in this way we will explain how to do it.

Delete a deceased person’s Facebook account

close Facebook of a deceased person

Close Facebook of a deceased person

It should be noted that Facebook has a tool that allows you to send a request, in the case of closing Facebook of a deceased person, in this way a relative or someone close to him will have the possibility open to close the account without entering the password as it is traditionally done.

You have two options to make the request, on the one hand, convert the account in a commemorative account, in this way it will remain active but it will only serve to display information and obviously so that the information of the deceased is not lost, and the other is to delete the account permanently.

Obviously people always go for the second because it is normally hard to see photos and memories of the person on the network, not everyone has the willpower to do this, for the same reason there are many people who prefer to contact Facebook For this end.

However, there are a number of steps to follow in order to achieve this important request quickly and without complications, but even if things are these, you must always keep in mind that Facebook asks for a document proving what one wants to request. It is good that when this is done, all the documents that can prove the death of the person in question are at hand.

Steps to close a facebook account to a deceased:

  • Enter this address to make the special request that is required link
  • You should complete a special form with, name, email among other information.
  • the data of the deceased person, name, address of the facebook page in question ( in this way specify to facebook which profile to close.
  • enter the email of the person in question.
  • select the option you want to do: Make the account commemorative, Delete the account, Any additional request, ask a question.
  • you must enter the date of death.
  • Attach the document or death certificate of the deceased person.
  • Send the information.