Maria Montero

Facebook allows advertisers to target users based on …

Facebook still has a long way to go in its effort to remove racism from its ad targeting service. A new report reveals that the social media giant is allowing advertisers to target users based on their perceived interest in Nazi ideologies.

A investigation for him Los Angeles Times found that Facebook allows advertisers to buy ads targeting people interested in neo-Nazi terminology, musicians, and Holocaust deniers. To be more specific, the post bought Facebook ads and allowed them to target thousands of users based on their interest in top Third Reich propagandist Joseph Goebbels, concentration camp doctor Josef Mengel, Holocaust leader Heinrich Himmler and a neo-Nazi punk band called Skrewdriver.

Having pointed out these racist markers on Facebook, company spokesman Joe Osborne returned to the post saying that these ad categories were rarely used and existed to target those interested in historical material. However, he acknowledged that the company should have seen them before and could do better.

“Most of these targeting options are against our policies and should have been detected and removed earlier,” the Facebook spokesperson told the newspaper. “While we have an ongoing review of our targeting options, we clearly need to do more, which is why we are further looking into our screening policies and methods.”

But this is certainly not the first time that Facebook ad targeting has been included in the scanner for racial targeting.

News posts like ProPublica Y The intercept They have found Facebook’s advertising platform allows advertisers to target users based on anti-Semitic terms in the past.

A separate investigation by ProPublica It also found that Facebook allowed the placement of discriminatory ads on its platform by allowing advertisers to remove certain people based on their race or ethnicity.

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