Citrix DesktopPlayer improves virtualization on Macs

European .Mac users complain about service performance

.Mac users who have attempted to post image galleries to .Mac have seen peak speeds of 78K per second uploading files. Users have experienced similar download speeds when they have tried to access other members’ .Mac content.

Subscribers to the .Mac service, many of whom must renew their annual subscription (around € 99 per year), have gathered on Apple’s discussion boards to complain about the quality of the service, and that they have been receiving for an extended period of time.

Such speed restrictions are being experienced even with the use of broadband connections, which has increased rumors that Apple may be limiting the .Mac speed in Europe.

This is not the case, as Apple indicates: “Apple is aware that some .Mac users in Europe have reported poor performance [del servicio]. Some of these members are concerned that it may be because Apple has set limitations on bandwidth. [disponible]. We want to clarify that the current performance problem is not caused by bandwidth limitations by Apple […]”.

Apple indicates that it is actively working with customers in Europe to gather the necessary information to allow them to investigate the causes of the problem.

The company urges that, “if you want to help us in this research, please contact the support area at .Mac, visiting and filling out the questionnaire.”