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Definitely the “day without VAT Media Mark“It is one of the most anticipated weeks of 2017 and is that the simple fact of purchase a certain variety of products without having to pay VAT of each one of them significantly reduces the cost of the same, for that reason the famous and expected “Black friday“In other words, it is a day without VAT to purchase a variety of products, so everything that is bought during that day will be exempt from VAT and we will be able to obtain significant savings in this regard.

The media markt catalog It is quite extensive and the best of all is that this catalog also applies in the web version, this means that we will also be able to take advantage of it to be able to make several purchases without having to go anywhere, without having to leave our home, something that is surely quite comfortable for many people who either do not have much time or simply do not have an establishment nearby. It must also be taken into account that Mediamarkt purchases 2017 They have some details that it will be necessary to know before just launching into wanting to buy and buy.

What can we find on the Mediamarkt 2017 VAT-free day?

We can practically find everything from TV deals, to desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, gadgets and hundreds of other products.

So when is the day without VAT average markt?

Keep in mind that a few years ago, more precisely, in 2013 two days without VAT will be held per year, the first of these was in February while the second in July, but it must be taken into account that in 2014, for example, it was changed and the day without VAT, at least the first was in February, but the second was in June.

Is it worth waiting for Black Friday or do I buy directly?

All this depends on a few things and it is that first of all you have to take into account how much discount is the fact of buying certain things without VAT, this would be 21% less than what comes out in the product in question, then what you should do to find out if it suits you is, first of all calculate the price without that percentage, then look for the product in several stores and buy, in some there are discounts in force throughout the year and in many the price they handle It doesn’t make a big difference so it ends up costing more or less the same.

Day without VAT Media Mark

In any case, what we want to tell you is that if you find a difference of 20 euros in a product of 200, you may not want to waitOn the other hand, if in the same product the difference is double or triple, it is possible and depending on all the things in your pocket, waiting is possibly the best option.

What should be bought in the media markt sales?

I don’t think you even need to ask me, but for example, the vast majority of people take the opportunity to buy media markt televisions, laptops or latest generation consoles, not to mention smartphones that they are generally quite expensive products and therefore with that 17.35% that we save for VAT, the difference is quite noticeable and it is that possibly in a product of 100 euros it is not noticed too much but when we talk about one that exceeds 500 euros the difference begins to mark in a way considerable.

Therefore we can come to the simple conclusion that technological products and media markt appliances They are possibly the best way to take advantage of these days of the year where VAT disappears and opportunities are reborn as if it were a phoenix bird … it is not worth that much either, but you more or less understand the idea.

Offers in Media Markt day without VAT (Website)

half mark day without VAT

To finish this article a bit and as I mentioned earlier, you may not have time to take advantage of Media Mark the day without VAT or it catches you by surprise, that is why you can resort to the web version of Mediamartk so as not to miss the offers, it must be taken into account although there is a section referring to the day without VAT for this year already passed so simply open to wait for the next one, taking into account that it is generally in February, not too long either.

By the way before finishing we must bear in mind that if you buy on the web And taking into account the number of people who use this option, shipments can take up to 10 days, obviously, the number of people who order products, in addition to being limited to only two products. In addition to all this, discounts do not always apply to all products, so you should take a good look at this.