Dynamo Movil dentro de la botella REVELADO

Entertainment How to put a mobile phone in a bottle One of the great tricks of illusion or magic that …

One of the great tricks of illusion or magic that we have seen on many occasions is to put something in a bottle, in this case a mobile phone in a bottle. Does it seem crazy? Yes, it looks like it and it is. ¿How you can put a phone in a bottle? Surely you know an illusionist named Dynamo who did this trick in the middle of the street, in front of some unknown people in theory, took a bottle, a mobile phone and put it inside it, then made a friend of the owner of the mobile call to confirm that it was indeed the device in question and had not been exchanged for another.

The explanation of how you put the phone in the bottle It’s not really accurate, it’s complicated because we know that unless he reveals his secret, which he’s never going to do, we’ll never know how he did it.

In theory, you can see that Dynamo in the video has the bottle in his left hand, but at one point when he takes the young man’s Smartphone, obviously for a few seconds all eyes go to the mobile device and we see how Dynamo put the bottle from behind and take it out again, this seems to indicate in a few words that the person behind the magician is someone who works with him and they changed the original bottle for another.

After this, all that remains to be done is simply to put the Smartphone inside the bottle pressing with your right hand, everything is done at a high enough speed so that nothing can be visualized with much detail.

But if we are to the case surely they have seen the video of the masked magician which is responsible for reveal all the magic tricks from different illusionists, a very good program that has long since ceased airing after even many well-known magicians reported the program and its host for doing what they did.

In the video we can see how the masked magician explains exactly how it is necessary to put a mobile phone in a plastic bottleAs you will see, the explanation is quite simple within everything and it is not magic precisely, it is only about illusion and a lot of speed.