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eMusic reaches 150 million downloads

The online music store eMusic, focused on independent artists and labels, has reached 150 million downloads, ranking behind iTunes in terms of volume.

The announcement came just nine months after the company passed the 100 million mark. The company claims to have a growth rate of six million songs per month, although it is still a long way from Apple, which announced in late July that its iTunes store had surpassed three billion songs.

eMusic sells songs in Mp3 format, which bypasses any kind of digital rights management technology. It is a subscription service in which users pay a monthly amount that allows them to download a limited number of songs, depending on the amount paid.

The president and CEO of the company, David Pakman, ensures that the company is aimed at those users over 25 years old who are interested in a type of music far from the commercial circuits. eMusic recently partnered with AT&T to launch eMusic Mobile, which allows users of select AT&T mobile phones to download music from eMusic wirelessly.