Emulators Download Download PSX emulator for AndroidIf you usually read all our articles, you have to know that we have ...

Emulators Download Download PSX emulator for AndroidIf you usually read all our articles, you have to know that we have …

If you usually read all our articles, you have to know that we have a huge amount of interesting software that we must consider in terms of getting more out of our devices. This time we bring an emulator ePSXe paid, which is surely one of the favorites. It should be noted, in the same way, that it is an emulator for PlayStation 1, the first version of PlayStation. This emulator for Android It is characterized by its high compatibility with games, and works in a similar way to those that work with PC.

Regarding this particular emulator, we must point out in the same way, that it has been specially designed for mobile devices with Android operating system, whether they are treated as tablets or mobiles, so that we can take advantage of them from one to four players, to name An example. This emulator even includes support for virtual controls on the touch screen, as well as for physical controls platforms such as Xperia Play mobile devices, and others from different companies.

If you want to know which emulator we are talking about, We have to say that it is ePSXe, an emulator for Android that stands out because it incorporates OpenGL technology, which stands out especially because it improves the graphics of games, games such as Plugin Peopsxgl. On the other hand, we have to consider at the same time that this emulator has support for ARM and Atom X86 devices, and that you can download it in just a second, directly from this link.

Download full ePSXe Emulator for free

The first thing we have to highlight about this emulator is that it is installed like any other Android application, and once we have installed it, we have to move it directly to the device’s microSD memory, so that we do not saturate its internal storage of no way. Beyond this, You should know that it has some specific requirements, such as having a RAM of at least 512 MB, a two-core processor and others, although with the advantage that the terminal does not need to be rooted.

Finally, we have some questions to analyze in this regard, some other details related to these emulators, since we must consider that it is a PlayStation 1 emulator, specifically an emulator that is updated to versions 1.9 and higher of emulators. Of course, we have to consider in the same terms that the developers of this emulator are those who are part of ePSXe Software, so you already know many of its elements in this regard.

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