EL FOLLOW: Angry Video Game Nerd

EL FOLLOW: Angry Video Game Nerd

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This week I would like to talk about one of my favorite characters in the world of video games, it is the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN for its acronym), a fictional character created and personified by James Rolfe, an American filmmaker who does exactly 10 years in 2004 he had the right idea to create a YouTube series, where A nerd furiously criticizes the console video games of yesteryear such as the Atari 2600, the NES, the SEGA Master System and many more as if every single thing you don’t like about the game affects you deep down and hurt your ego.

angry video game nerd doing the batman review

The Nerd reviewing several batman games

James during these 10 years, has criticized games from all existing consoles, focusing mainly on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) as it has a huge collection of games that have led him to fill an entire attic.

angry video game nerd game collection

The nerd’s room full of old games and consoles

The Nerd is characterized by being very rude, and raging with everything that does not work well in the old games. What makes this series an unmissable program is the creativity and humor with which each game is criticized. Using his talents as a filmmaker and cheap special effects (placed on purpose), James has managed to captivate the hearts of millions of fans of consoles and video games worldwide., to the point of being recognized as an icon of video games, being invited to conferences of all kinds, and selling the rights to his series to such famous video game sites as ScrewAttack Entertainment and GameTrailers.

In 2011, James, following his dream of being a filmmaker, posted on the project funding site Indiegogo the proposal to produce an Angry Video Game Nerd Movie independently and funded solely by his fans. This campaign was a total success, and provided James with sufficient resources to sign and produce the entire Film without the need to resort to external sponsors, keeping the direction and artistic content intact. The plot of the film is based mainly on the ET review, a game that to date, the Nerd has refused to play and review because it is for him, the baddest and worst designed in history. During the years 2012 and 2013 the film was signed and edited almost in its entirety, and so far in 2014 they have focused on sound retouching and color correction. A detailed list of the work that James has dedicated to his film can be seen here.

The movie trailer has already been delivered although it is not yet ready

Something really curious is that an urban legend that was used during the filming of the film, turned out to be true. It is a story that says that Atari in 1993, in view of the terrible reception that the ET game had had, had thousands of cartridges of this game buried in the desert of New Mexico to dispose of them. In 2013 a company (Alamogordo) funded by Xbox decided to get serious about finding the site where these cartridges were buried and they managed to find them. They unearthed some 1,300 cartridges of the more than 700,000 believed to be still there buried deep in the desert, and made a documentary that can be seen on XboxLive.

Here I leave a small sample of the documentary.

Angry video game nerd airs on cinemassacre