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Dreamweaver CS3 integrates the Spry framework for Ajax

According to statements by Kenneth Berger, Dreamweaver Product Manager for Adobe, to Macworld USA, “This means a dramatic increase in workflow improvement for Dreamweaver users. When we thought about what would be most important for this version, we realized that it was Photoshop, due to the existing overlap on the part of users, since a large percentage of Dreamweaver users are also Photoshop users. “

Adobe has indicated that after talking to its users, it soon became clear that many designers were faced with the troublesome process of moving content from Photoshop page mockups to Dreamweaver.

With Creative Suite 3 designers can select any portion of a Photoshop design (even from multiple layers) and paste it directly onto the Dreamweaver page. Dreamweaver will display a dialog box where you can specify different optimization options for the image, without the need for any additional tasks. If you need to edit the image at a later time, just double-click on the original PSD file to open it in Photoshop.

The other great integration feature in Dreamweaver CS3 is the Spry framework for Ajax. One of the most popular technologies in Web 2.0, Ajax is a development technique for creating interactive web applications.

Dreamweaver enables users to visually design, develop, and deploy dynamic user interfaces. By using Spry widgets, Ajax Elements can be accessed from a tab available on the Dreamweaver toolbar.

Widgets include XML-driven table and list creation, accordion controls, tabbed interfaces, and validated form elements. Spry Effects is another way to improve the appearance of your web page. Effects allow users to enlarge, reduce, fade, and highlight different elements.

One of the problems that web designers face is compatibility with different browsers. Ensuring that a website works properly in Mac, Windows and Linux browsers is a difficult task, but with the Adobe CSS Advisor the company hopes to solve this problem.

In addition to providing a report on the possibility of browser compatibility bugs, Dreamweaver CS3 now also offers links to Adobe CSS Advisor, which includes information on the latest problems detected, offering different tips and advice, as well as It is a site maintained by the user community.

As in previous versions, Dreamweaver CS3 also offers users a sample template to serve as a starting point for their own designs.

With this version CSS management has also been simplified. The Manage CSS feature makes it easy for users to move CSS rules from one document to another, or from the header of a document to an external style sheet. It is also possible to convert the CSS entered as direct code (inline) to CSS rules, as well as relocate it in a new position by dragging and dropping.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 will be available in April 2007 for users in the United States and Canada. Dreamweaver CS3 will have a guide price of $ 399.