Downloads How to download Premium Portable North PoleWhen we think of those traditions that unite a good part of ...

Downloads How to download Premium Portable North PoleWhen we think of those traditions that unite a good part of …

When we think about those traditions that unite a good part of the human beings that inhabit planet Earth, it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones that is that of Santa Claus or Santa Claus, and of course, this tradition has not been left out of the many technological advances of recent years. It must be said in this regard that although there are many good applications to consider when we think of Santa ClausSome of them stand out above the others, such as Portable North Pole or PNP.

Precisely, for quite some time we have been receiving all kinds of inquiries from users who want to learn how to use Portable North Pole or PNP on their mobile devices or on the pc as quickly and easily as possible, so today we want to give a hand to each one from them. The first thing you have to know is that it is an application that has a basic version, in which users can receive a call from the old Easter boy, although of course the thing does not end there.

At the same time, the Portable North Pole or PNP has a Premium version with which we can access new videos, which are not available in their basic or free version, in addition to various functions depending on what we want to do with the message, for For example, in its premium version, we can make a video for a group of children, or we can also make an interactive animation so that the child can choose in the video what he or she wants the most; Anyway, it is a very useful application that can be used as an additive to the Christmas spirit.

North Pole Portable or PNP free

As we said before then, Portable North Pole is one of the best Christmas applications, one of its most notable characteristics is that it is available for a computer version, we can also find it for iPhone and Android, without a doubt it is an application in which you can find all kinds of interesting content, such as videos to excite the little ones, and why not also the adults in the family. TO In turn, Portable North Pole has some exquisite sections that are well achieved, such as those made especially to record the moment when Santa Claus comes home to the surprise of the little ones, or celebrate their birthdays with the Christmas spirit.

How to use Portable North Pole for free

First of all, we must bear in mind that this application is available for both PC and mobile versions in their different operating systems, so the following tutorial applies to the 2 available versions:

  • On PC: Enter the PNP Polo Norte Portable website, you must register on it in order to use its functions.
  • On iOS and Android: Go to the corresponding store for your operating system, search for PNP North Pole Portable and proceed to download. You must register to be able to use unlock the functions of the app.
  • In any of its 2 versions, look for the ‘Videos’ section.
  • Find and choose a video, keep in mind that you have a few free options, and that to customize the premium versions, you will have to pay a subscription to the site. In this case, choose the ones with the free option.
  • Next, you must fill out the form, add the name, gender, date of birth and a photograph of the child in png format. or jpg. no larger than 8 MB.
  • In this same form, you can choose the best option for the child’s daily life that best suits the message you want to deliver, and finally enter the country of origin or residence.
  • Click on create video and wait a few minutes while it is processed.
  • Once the process is finished, you can have a preview of the video, so you can share the link to the video with your loved ones, and if you look closely at the ‘my creation’ section you can download it to do whatever you want with it.

Unfortunately with the basic plan we have many limitations to carry out a more memorable job, since it only allows us to make 3 videos and we have access to few selection options. To get the true potential of this application it is necessary to use its premium plan, which you will have to payWith it, you can browse and select between 15 different videos and 2 interactive videos, with which you can spend unique and unforgettable moments with the little ones in the house this Christmas.