Downloads Download Wallapop Totally FreeWhat is Wallapop?  In short it is a kind of market ...

Downloads Download Wallapop Totally FreeWhat is Wallapop? In short it is a kind of market …

What is it Wallapop? In short, it is a kind of virtual market where you can sell those things that you no longer need in your home in order to get some money from them. Obviously, despite being able to sell your own things, you can also buy several products that other users offer, thus finding a large number of very interesting variable prices, luckily it has a website and also an application for various operating systems.


Wallapop, a trusted platform

Keep in mind that Wallapop is known worldwide, It is not an application that came out exactly a short time ago, but it has already been a career enough to take into account and in which hundreds of thousands of users have bought and sold for many years from things like technology, to furniture, even their own jobs.

Buying and selling at Wallapop

The idea then is basically similar to any other kind of online store. You must take a few photographs of the product you want to sell and then publish it and add a short description for whoever wants to contact you.

In the case of wanting buying something is not too complicated to tell the truth since you only have to contact whoever has the product in question to be able to agree on how they will do things so that both have what they want.


The best of Wallapop

The best thing about this app is that it’s totally freeBesides, it is possible that you can get rid of the old things that you have in your house that take up space and make some money with them. The app is too well designed actually, with a very simple, intuitive interface and that you can quickly handle as if you knew her your whole life. In addition to the fact that we can find many products from many other users in each of the categories, which means that we can have a wide variety of options when it comes to wanting to acquire them all.

Download Wallapop for Android

So in order to download Wallapop all you have to do is follow this link that you will see here. It takes you directly to the Google store so that later, you simply have to look for the button where it says “install”, a window appears in which certain permissions are requested that the app asks you to install, you accept and the download of said app will begin for you Android device.