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Odin Downloader It is a powerful tool to flash any mobile, thus being able to root, update the factory firmware or install a custom ROM without any problem to all Samsung using the operating system Android. On this occasion, we will tell you how download Odin for Windows and the most outstanding features of this powerful tool.

Odin Features

Custom Firmware Flash

This tool allows flash any custom firmware, that is, a firmware modified by the user on any Samsung tablet or mobile.

Stock Firmware Flash

Odin is able to flash a factory firmware on any device Samsung. This is very useful to return the device to its factory condition when there is a defect such as a bootloop, application problems or any other error related to the software.

Kernel Flash

Odin is capable of flash original and custom ROms on any Samsung mobile to improve device performance.

Recovery Flash of files

Odin is not only capable of flashing an original or custom Firmware, but also can update and restore the memory of any tablet or Samsung mobile.

Package Flash

Odin it is also capable of flashing root packages on any Samsung¸ so grant Root permissions to the user.

Recommendations when using Odin

Odin is a very easy to use tool, but when making use of it you must take into consideration certain things:

1.- Odin does not need any other plugin to flash a ROM, you just have to open the tool and load the MD5 or tar file that you downloaded and click on Start to start the flashing process.

2.- It is always recommended make a backup before flashing a ROM or using Odin in general, as there is a small risk that your personal data will be lost on the mobile.

3.- When flashing any ROM with Odin The warranty of your Samsung mobile or Tablet will be void, but nevertheless, reinstalling the original ROM can keep the warranty.

Download Odin for Windows

If you want download Odin for Windows just click on this link, It is a truly powerful tool so if you want to try some ROM that you customized, with this tool you can do it without any problem, on the other hand, If you want to know more about how to use this tool you can consult our guide to use Odin.