Downloads Download MegaTV Player for Smart TV If at the time it was smart phones that revolutionized ...

Downloads Download MegaTV Player for Smart TV If at the time it was smart phones that revolutionized …

If at the time it was smartphones that forever revolutionized the way we interact with these types of devices, over time we have been witnessing the arrival of all kinds of equipment that we could consider equally intelligent. In this particular case, we do not want to stop considering what happens many times with televisions. What happens is that sometimes, some applications will have to be installed beyond those that come in them by default.

Although there are many applications for devices with Android operating system that are part of this segment, today we wanted to focus especially on one of them. Is that MegaTV Player is one of the great applications to watch TV for free on Android, one that stands out for reasons such as its perfectly achieved design, in addition to being compatible with most current video formats. It also has an integrated social platform that allows you to add many functions in this regard.

In any case, the truth is that MegaTV Player is a very popular player for Android devices and there are several users since they have told us that they would like to be able to enjoy this player on their Smart TV, and if there is any way to install the application on them. The first thing you will need in this case is to have a Smart TV, as well as an Internet connection to which it is connected. If you comply with this, the following will be to open the browser on the Smart TV, enter the Google Play store, and then search within it for the application, selecting it and then entering the search phrase “Mega TV Player”.

Install MegaTV Player on Smart TV

Once that installation process has started, you will see that it will take just a few minutes, and then you have to go to the My Smart TV applications section, pressing on MegaTV Player to start it, as we basically do with any application that we have installed . Once you are done with the steps above, You will then be specifically in a position to start using the application on your Smart TV for free, so as you can see up to here there are no difficulties.

Well, we have to continue with other equally important questions. You will see that once the MegaTV Player application is open, a space then appears that will allow you to enter the URL of the Streaming or video you want to play. You have to select the option “OnePlay.TV”, and then click Add. Almost instantly, the system will automatically add channels and Premium or paid programs for the service, including some such as TNT, The Simpsons TV, Fox Sports and many others.

We can practically say that we have finished with this step by step, although you have to take into account some important considerations, such as that this tutorial works only for Android mobile devices in addition to Smart TVs that have this operating system. Of course, that means specifically that the app in question is not available for other platforms, among which we can mention Apple TV. That way, if you have another device, you should look for an alternative application.

MegaTV Player It can be used without problems in the smart TVs of companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Kyoto, etc.. The truth is that it is one of the best applications of its kind, so we cannot stop recommending it in any case.

Have you been able to install MegaTV Player on your Smart TV with this step by step?