Downloads Download IntoLive for Android and create the best Live PhotosIf you are a person who likes ...

Downloads Download IntoLive for Android and create the best Live PhotosIf you are a person who likes …

If you are a person who likes photographs very much, which are your reason for being then you have to have this application on your mobile, I assure you that you will not regret it. The safest thing is that like many people you use photos that you take to upload to social networks that is why I tell you that you have to download IntoLive for Android.


Unlike other tools to edit photos with it you have hundreds of options in addition to adding special effects and other details you can edit gifs and even put together a video. I suppose I convinced you even a little bit, so if you’ve made up your mind, I’ll tell you how to download it, although I’ll tell you a little more about it first.

What is IntoLive about

With this app you will be able to convert videos and gifs into Live Photos, which are more than a combination of different images that go in sequence if not they also show animated images that are usually seen on social networks. But it’s not all you can do since too It has a video editor with which you can make cuts and add different effects to your recordings.

Its interface is simple and user-friendly so you don’t have to be an expert in photo editing to use it. Although there is no doubt that the main idea with which you can use it is to take Live Photos since they are what you see the most on social networks. With this app you will no longer have to be watching how others upload and edit these images so that they look like this now you can also do whatever you want. Although it will not be so easy to download it on your Android mobile since It is exclusive for phones with iOS operating system but thanks to the APK files, you can have it without problems.


How to download IntoLive for Android

Maybe download IntoLive for Android It is not as simple as you do with other applications since it is not in the store but I assure you that it is not that difficult.

The first thing you have to do is enter this link from your mobile device, there you will find the APK file of the application to download. Before clicking where it says download you have to see that it is compatible with your mobile, if everything goes well then download the file.

Once the download is finished, all you have to do is find the file to run it and start the installation of the app on your phone. It may take a while but once it finishes installing you will be able to see that it works just like any other. Don’t waste any more time and start creating your own Live Photos to share it with your friends.