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Nowadays there are Wifi signals in most places and it is very common now, to find one in almost any corner of the city, but sometimes our data plan runs out and we depend solely and exclusively on Wifi networks, and how are we doing? to different places and we want to be always connected, we are getting into different Wi-Fi networks, but sometimes we find ourselves with the small inconvenience that the networks have access codes and this is a password that only the owner of said network knows, And although it seems impossible today we will be talking about a super tool that is a Wifi key breaker which will allow us to have access to said network.

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It may seem like a simple task to us, but the reality is that we are talking about something very complex since not all Wi-Fi signals are the same, since they have different frequencies, different types of encryption, different channels, and different types of security such as Mac blocking, that only users who have permission from the administrator directly to do so can connect to this network, since it is done through the Mac address is something that is already common among people who have high knowledge of networks, as well as in important companies to protect themselves against hackers, who represent so much danger for them. And that with a simple Wifi Key Breaker we could not have access to the network.

Download wifi password breaker

Even though we said that circumventing the security of some networks that use MAC blocking is extremely difficult even for a hackerIt must be said that not all networks use this type of security, almost all use P2P security, WAP, etc. And for this if we have a solution and it is to download an application for it on our phone, which will be in charge of deciphering the key of said network through a complex process and we will have access to it only with an application, which by the way is in the Play Store and with just one click we can download.

This application is called “Wifi passwordwhich, as we already said, will allow us to obtain the key of the wifi network that we want, It should be noted that in most cases we have to be ROOT users since we are talking about an application that needs to have very specific permissions that, being normal Android users, we cannot grant them.

We must bear in mind that we need to be patient since the application is looking to find the password through a sequence of long steps, and we cannot allow our mobile to turn off, so we must have it with the highest possible load, so that the work carried out is not in vain because if it is turned off and the password has not yet been found, the work that was already done is lost and we have to start over again something that of course we do not want and although it is true that sometimes it is a not tedious having to wait, we must recognize that this is a great tool which makes our lives much easier and the best thing is that we do not have to be professional hackers to use it or require extensive knowledge about networks but simply download the application and from here We leave you the link so you can download the application from the Play Store without a doubt the best Wifi Key Breaker.

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